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How To: Rat-Proof Your British Columbia Property

Unfortunately in cooler temperatures, rats love to make their way into our homes, storage sheds, and garages. In British Columbia, we are not-so-lucky to have these extra visitors throughout the province. 

Here are five tips to rat-proof your home efficiently and effectively. 

Utilize Proper Storage

It’s easy to forget about the food and other items that you keep in storage that may attract rats to your home. Ensuring your cupboards and storage areas are properly organized year-round is an important piece of the puzzle when rodent-proofing your space. Some of the most important parts to remember are:

  • Store your dry goods and pet food in sealable storage bins
  • Properly store your seasonal items (ex. cushions for your patio furniture, outdoor rugs, etc) to discourage nesting
  • Avoid using cardboard boxes-nesting rodents love cardboard
  • Keep your storage items off the ground as much as possible

By following these simple directions you’ll be taking the first steps in letting these guests know they are not invited to your home. 

Clean and Sanitize 

Cleaning is an important part of avoiding infestations. Rats must have adequate food and shelter in order to thrive. By removing these two necessities of life, you’re putting your best foot forward to preventing and controlling rat problems. Include both inside and outside your home in your efforts to clean and sanitize. 

Seal Your Home

Sealing any entrance, regardless of how large or small, to your home is your best prevention from having rats move in. Pay special attention to openings that are ½” in diameter or for reference, the size of a nickel. Rats can easily squeeze through spaces of that size and larger. Check the exterior of your home where any pipes or wires enter, around door jambs, etc. to ensure that there are no welcoming spaces. 

Mind Your Landscaping

Long grass, overgrown shrubs, etc. are the perfect homes for rodents. When tending to your landscaping, be sure to take extra care to thin out any greenery where rodents can hide easily to prevent them from moving in. Pay special care to any shrubs up against your house as they can provide hidden entry spots to your home. 

Be Mindful of Your Gutter

Gutters are essentially a highway for rats to enter your home. Installing gutter guards on your home can help keep the rats out of your gutters and the interior of your home. On the plus side, you’ll have less yearly clean up too!

While rats are part of our beautiful province, they don’t have to be a part of your home or everyday life. These tips will help you protect your home, however, in the event you need assistance or are interested in preventative measures to stay safe contact us today for trusted service!

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